Eminem To Feature On LL Cool J’s ‘G.O.A.T. 2′

By: Djesattler


During an interview with Rap Up, LL revealed that Eminem would be featured on the LP as well.

“Me and Em have a song. He just recently let me hear his verse and it’s crazy. He’s chainsawing shit. I think people are gonna be pleasantly surprised when they hear me and him on a record together.

It’s our first time we ever did something together. This is a record that I think people are gonna be excited [about]. To miss out on this G.O.A.T. 2 album would be a travesty for hip-hop. You can’t miss this shit.”

T.I. will also be featured on the upcoming album as well.

“We just got together, talkin’ and vibin’. He had an idea that he wanted to send me and I thought it was a crazy idea, and we collaborated and put something together that I think people are gonna bug out on. It’s gonna be trippy.”

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