Meek Mill Vents About Racism On Twitter

By: Djesattler

Meek Mill has had enough of the racism.

In light of the alleged racist comments Clippers owner Donald Sterling recently made about not wanting Blacks to attend Clips games, Meek took to Twitter this morning to voice his opinion on the matter and other alleged racist practices he believes are taking place in the entertainment industry. “Donald sterling is the definition of racism …. He could b your judge…. Your doctor… teacher etc… I bet nothing happens 2 him,” he posted early this morning, followed by, “Vegas saying no hip hop rapper can have a event in Las Vegas something need 2 b done about this bcuz it is a racist act! #stepup #hiphop.” He continued, “But when our culture losing and giving our money 2 casinos it’s okay….NAACP need 2 step up! Bcuz we let these things happen 2 many times.”

Meek later added, “most of these old racists are the ones really in power!! Jay-Z is no different than the younger rappers he spoke about the same stuff we did.”


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