T.I. Denies Ghostwriting For Iggy Azalea

By: Djesattler

In an interview with Hot 107.5 Detroit, T.I. shot down rumors about him acting as a ghostwriter for his artist Iggy Azalea.

“I ain’t no ghostwriter. Iggy got her own ideas and thoughts that she presents to the world her own way. I couldn’t write a lot of the sh*t she say, you know? I couldn’t put her thoughts into words as articulate as she does. She just has a different way of presenting herself and her art.”

“Don’t get me wrong, everyone in the studio helps with hooks and certain things like that but that goes for me and any of the other top 5 [rappers]. If Iggy can have a mentor, I guess, yeah, I’d be the closest thing to it [laughs].”

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