Hottest Street Style Trends To Try This August In Los Angeles

Hottest Street Style Trends To Try This August In Los Angeles

If you want to upgrade your looks, you should act asap! Summer is the perfect time for this, as it has a more relaxed vibes and the warm temperatures to make sure you can try different styles more! Try wearing more activewear, because it allows you to move more and feel free. In our streetwear summer collection, you will find some dope graphics tshirts and sports bras. Thanks to all of the statement pieces in our new summer collection from Rich & Rotten, you will look great as well.

Here are top 3 hottest street style trends to try this summer season in Los Angeles:

Combine Multiple Bright Colors

One of the best looks to go for this summer is bright tracksuits and shorts. This is a great opportunity to wear brighter colors compared to our winter collections’ mood. For example, it’s perfectly fine to pair our Red Signature tshirt with a Blue Tracksuit! Even though the colors traditionally don’t go together, they make an eye-catching outfit that will definitely make a bold statement this summer!

Man wearing blue tracksuit that goes perfectly with other bright colors like red tshirt

(Image: Blue Tracksuit from Rich & Rotten)

Go For Cozy, Monochrome Looks

One thing that always gives you an outstanding look is activewear. If you’re looking for a comfortable, fun outfit to wear during a Sunday brunch for example, you should go for simple, white sneakers with something more fun to complete the look. You could wear a cute, black dress or go for a monochrome jumpsuit as an option. This will make you feel comfy while hanging out with friends, but you will look cute too.

Comfy monochrome blue or pink activewear for women from Rich & Rotten

(Image: Blue and Pink Activewear for women from Rich & Rotten)

Wear Prints

Monochrome always looks stylish, of course, but if you’re more colors, the summer is a perfect time! You should definitely try wearing more prints this summer, like a t-shirt with a romantic zombie print. Women can also opt for Grey or Pink midi skirt with a Rich & Rotten logo print, for example. Combine styles and colors and make it as cool as you want to!

Another thing that’s totally booming this year is biker shorts, that we have with white or red R&R logo.

So check our new updates in our famous HERR collection for Women, too!

Black tshirts with colored prints from Rich & Rotten
(Image: Men's Moon Surf tshirt and I do numbers tshirt)