About Us

Rich & Rotten clothing and jewelry is the fashion industry's fastest-rising urban lifestyle brand. Featuring quality, handmade slim-fit designs you won't find anywhere else. The brand's famous tees have been spotted on the likes of Trey Songz, Too $hort, Ty Dolla $ign, Sean Kingston, Meek Mill, Laz Alonso, Eva Marcille, Darren McFadden, and many more, ultimately launching the LA-based brand into the national spotlight.

In 2012 the visionary and CEO Hamed "CNote" Jalaly founded the urban clothing brand Rich & Rotten. It's products found their way into popular stores like Tradition (Beverly Center) and Drip (Hollywood Blvd.) even before the retail website launched. The cut and sew quality, fitted cut, and striking message designs on the brand's t-shirts received high demand from Day 1, spilling over into snapbacks, backpacks, tank tops, and smaller sizes for the ladies. Jalaly expanded the brand by adding high quality .925 silver jewelry, including stunning rings, bracelets, and earrings – establishing the urban brand as more than just clothing, but an entire lifestyle. Rich & Rotten celebrates the middle man, Rich & Rotten honors the passionate individual making moves with an excuse-free state of mind. The brand salutes the self spoiler that's proactively making their dreams a reality.

Rich & Rotten purposely sets itself apart from the "urban norm" with its inspiring and unique designs depicting the overall meaning of the brand's moniker. "Our designs capture the lifestyle of those on a journey between struggle and success. There's a reason for every shirt we design and a story behind each one. Everybody has aspirations of being rich, but no one is perfect, and it's not always pretty on the way up," explains CNote. 

The brand's hottest selling t-shirt, dubbed the "Corporate Goon," shows a butler holding a silver dish with stacks of money while wearing a ski mask – an example of the gritty side of the upward grind for wealth and success.

Run by a close-knit team of Jalaly's friends Charles Gibson, Jared Lewis, and Brandon Williams, defined rapid brand expansion since the beginning. With a strategic purpose and message behind its name, Rich & Rotten is more than just high-quality clothing and jewelry – it's a way to be proud of those who came from the bottom and made it happen. It's a beacon of inspiration for everyone trying to pursue their dreams.

This winter, Rich & Rotten will unveil new hoodies and sweaters and an entire women's line, including custom tees with lace detail, print side panels, sexy jumpsuits, and more. Rich & Rotten is about self-expression already enjoyed by the crème of the crop of Hollywood fast past Influencers. Shop Rich & Rotten online at www.richandrotten.com and in Tradition, Drip Hollywood, Fits, Urban Headquarters, and Sheikh.